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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Tasty Meal

So despite the lack of pictures, I have been eating some pretty tasty food lately.  Like this:

Tasty Chickpea Wrap

This chickpea wrap comes from Supernatural Everyday, a cookbook that I recently purchased and am IN LOVE WITH!  More on that later....

First, a recent dinner I made inspired by a whole host of blogs, that was super tasty!

First, I made us a tasty salad, inspired by a recent post on Dana Treat:

I took some ho-hum looking tomatoes:

And roasted them so they looked like this:

And then added them to a lovely greek salad:

I then got all inspired by Shutterbean's Killer Garlic Bread:
The little one liked it too!

And we rounded out the meal with Spaghetti Bolognese from Lucinda Scala Quinn's book, Mad Hungry, which I currently have checked out from the library:

Overall it was an awesome meal.  Highly recommended.  If you make any of these recipes, let me know what you think!

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